Research impact

The quality of research in Universities across the UK is peer-reviewed periodically. The most recent results were published in December 2014.  The impact of GCU’s work on the Built Environment was rated in the Top 20 in the UK.

Safe Reliable Power

Since 2011 we have worked with EDF Energy to increase safety and enhance efficiencies at power stations across the UK by providing innovative software solutions to accurately pinpoint insulation defects in thousands of metres of cables. This research has helped EDF enhance practice in cable testing, reduce maintenance and repair costs by millions of pounds and continue to offer a highly reliable supply of electrical power to the UK national grid. Read article

Research Leader: Professor Chengke Zhou 

Sustainable Heat Energy

In this award-winning work with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) we designed novel energy-efficient heat-pump systems to transform waste water and air, with temperatures of around 10-14°C, from the City of Glasgow Rail Subway network into a source of sustainable heat energy. New heat-pump systems were installed in 2 stations with a view to roll out across the network. Read article

Research Leader: Dr Nicholas Hytiris

Helping People with Dementia

We have been working with the Playlist for Life, a charity to encourage families and other caregivers to offer people with dementia a playlist of music that has been meaningful to them during their life. This can be a powerful tool for improving the social, cognitive and emotional facets of well being of those with dementia and their supporters. Playlist for Life was founded in 2013 by GCU honorary graduate Dr Sally Magnusson. View video.

Research Leader: Professor Gianna Cassidy

High voltage condition monitoring

For several years we have worked Doble, a global supplier of energy diagnostic products and solutions, on developing a range of high voltage condition monitoring Instruments. One is the PDS100 a radio frequency interference (RFI) surveying tool that is designed for partial discharge measurement in a live substation. This instrument monitors and analyses multiple parameters simultaneously. This gives ility companies actionable real-time information on the major faults and electrical conditions which affect the reliability and running of high voltage equipment. Read article.

Research Leader: Alan Nesbitt