Product Design

All too often ideas can look good on paper but then fail in reality. However, because product design at Glasgow Caledonian University is a hands-on, "try-it-and-test it" experience it has stimulated numerous budding young entrepreneurs.

A student's design for waste-free environmentally friendly takeaway cutlery led to the programme being commended by Sir Terence Conran in the Glasgow 1999 Design Medal competition. In addition, a 1,000-unit order came after the 2004 end-of-year show, as an armchair beer-pourer, created to make life easier for the laziest of football fans, gained a prime-time tv appearance.

Industry Leaders

Creative and innovative thinking is flowing from Glasgow Caledonian, aided by working partnerships with industry leaders like Smurfit, Artex-Rawlplug, and PM Mouldings. The university can offer design expertise in domestic, digital and capital related areas of product design and as students have to follow through every idea to commercial reproduction stage this means that the usual concept failures are left by the wayside.

Building, testing and mass-producing viable products means that snagging points are eradicated along the way and any number of industry-led suggestions can be tried out via consultancy - using the skills of expert academics or students under guidance.

Creative programmes

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