Multimedia Technology

Using combinations of text, graphic art, digital stills, sound, animation and video, multimedia can be used to solve virtually any communication need. Encompassing many practical and commercially relevant areas, applied multimedia research methods can enhance document-sharing and organisation across technical, engineering and maintenance management arenas.

The fundamental aim of multimedia technology is to capture data and manipulate it, making it accessible and easy to understand, and then deliver it across a range of platforms. Contributing to presentations, training, education, digital publications and simulations - the multimedia team has used its skills in a number of industry-driven projects.

Industry experience

Creating interactive documentation systems for industrial sector, producing a DVD that enables school pupils to get to grips with Shakespeare's Hamlet, and helping Strathclyde Police Force Training College to develop material for school children on motorbike safety are just three of the most recent activities.

As industrially large-scale organisations are downsizing, more multi-skilled all-rounders are needed to deliver a complete package of expertise, and to evolve high-end media solutions.

Creative programmes

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