Interior Design

Interior design for the future encompasses sustainability, energy efficiency and 'green issues' - as well as providing solutions for society's problems. Bringing home the Royal Society of Arts top award, a student from the university's contemporary interior design programme has been rewarded for his futuristic and innovative thought in creating classrooms aimed at taming unruly schoolchildren. This type of "interior architecture" creates a seamlessly integrated design package that draws together acoustic, atmospheric and visual techniques.

The interior design team is alive with new ideas, and addressing domestic and industrial architectural ideals through working design portfolios means that Caledonian Creates' interior designers can provide the skills needed by business.

Interior Design

Spanish bathroom interior experts Porcelanosa turned to the university for recruitment and advice and its satisfaction with students' integrated studies has led to a working partnership. As project work embraces technology, cost implication, contract and procurement routes, as well as managerial and legal fields of reference, all of these fields of expertise have to be backed up by bodies from the business.

A team of highly qualified architects, building surveyors, civil and environmental engineers provide an essential linchpin, as do consultants from specialist companies such as Glasgow-based Platform 9 and EMBT.

Creative programmes

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