Graphic Design

Like all areas of design, graphic design has evolved as digital media has progressed and crossed over into most aspects of our everyday lives. Yet, the principles of graphic design have remained the same – type and imagery brought together to communicate. And, this is still very much at the heart of graphic design at GCU.

We focus teaching and learning on both the fundamentals of graphic design and the application of graphic design skills to digital outputs. The goal is to arm graduates with a strong design process that produces designs that are creative, beautiful and appropriate. Our graduates leave with a range of skills beyond traditional graphic design for print (and they can do that too). By the time they graduate they will be able to build and design websites, create animations, produce motion graphics sequences and most importantly, apply their graphic design skills to all of these outputs.

Our goal is not just to produce good designers, but employable ones. Not only can our graduates use more or less the entire Adobe Creative suite, but they have had numerous opportunities to present their work in a professional manner. Throughout the course, students pitch their work digitally to clients, design professionals, visiting lecturers as well as the tutoring staff. We begin introducing live briefs, student competitions and visiting tutors in year one and continue to engage with industry throughout.

Creative programmes

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