Gaming Technology

Scotland is widely acknowledged as a world leader in computer gaming, therefore it's only right that one of the most innovative degree courses in games development should be based at Glasgow Caledonian University. The computer gaming programme draws on staff expertise and research in storytelling, level design, psychology of interface design, 3D animation, artificiaI intelligence, robotics and education.

The industry is ever-growing with games available on consoles, PCs, mobile phones, handheld devices and digital TV boxes. Developing educationally based storytelling games for younger audiences, simulation and strategy games to aid development, and full-scale first person action games just for fun, can involve close examination of the philosophy of space and place and the psychology of colour.

eMotion Lab

The computer gamers' eMotion Laboratory is a unique facility available to Caledonian Creates' clients. Developed to capture the subtle palette of human emotion, the lab examines players' physiological measures of involvement with games. Monitoring pupil dilation and game pad techniques the lab is totally unobtrusive, with experiments taking place in a living-room style lab. Typical clients are leisure-based software developers, those building emotionally contingent business applications, and health technology professionals. Microsoft, Genuine Games and Onisoft have all worked with the games team.

Creative programmes

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