The practical and business sides of the world of fashion go hand in hand at Glasgow Caledonian University. Students are taught to think their ideas through using story and mood board creation as well as using technical drawing to specification.

From guidance on design management to creating fashion illustrations, the university's fashion business team is equipped with the facilities and know-how to solve any problem. A Lectra CAD suite can be provided to businesses for design, pattern development and visual merchandising. In addition, a helping hand can be extended in choosing the right colours and fabrics, with shape consultation and garment simulation completing the package.

Unique academic input can deliver both consultancy and training opportunities tailored to suit each client's particular needs, with services available ranging from one-day courses to long term company project implementation, monitoring and development. The team's background in industry also means that they can make informed store design and interiors management decisions.

Achieving project aims by establishing collaborative work between students and industry has also provided excellent opportunities for both parties, with student work being used in corporate situations by companies such as Gore and Glengarnock Garments.

Creative Programme

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