Research themes

The Centre’s seven key themes of research are:

  1. Human right to a decent quality of life,
  2. Gender inequalities and social justice,
  3. Food sovereignty and security,
  4. Climate migration and refugees,
  5. Health and resilience,
  6. Psycho-social impacts of climate change,
  7. Knowledge repository and impact-evaluation methodologies.

These themes feature in our current research in the areas of:

Climate Justice and Resource Management

Food sovereignty in South Asia
Energy Justice in Malawi
Water Access in Malawi and Zambia

Environmental Ethics, Governance and Policy

Climate Justice Movements
Climate Justice Implementation
Vulnerability, Resilience and Adaptation
Just Transition

Urban Climate Justice and Community Development

Sustainable Cities
Flood Resilience
Climate Change and Displacement

Gender and Climate Change

Climate Change and Violence
Intersectional spaces of climate injustice

Pedagogy and Participation

Visualising Climate Change
Climate Justice Advocacy in Scotland
Education for Climate Justice in Scottish Schools
Impacts, education, and frameworks

Health, Well-being and Resilience

Psycho-social impacts of climate change