Potential supervisors

Below is the list of the Centre for Climate Justice staff members and associated researchers currently accepting inquiries from prospective PhD students.

Area of expertise
Prof. Tahseen Jafry
Gender, poverty, social justice and climate change
Climate change, agriculture and food security
Climate justice transitions in Sub-saharan Africa and South Asia
Climate and Energy Justice
Climate change and psycho-social impacts
Climate change, migration and justice
Climate change/justice policy development
Climate justice and water access
Climate justice Education
Connecting  communities and climate just transitions
Climate finance and poverty
Dr. Charles Russell
Mitigation and Climate Justice
Adaptation and Mitigation
Resources management and climate justice
Circular Economy and Climate/Climate Justice
Ecosystem management and climate Justice
Waste management, carbon management and justice issues
Social impacts of mitigation and adaptation
Industrial and domestic wastewater management and climate change/justice issues
Dr. Kerry Burton
Environmental Geopolitics, Politics, and Political Ecology
Gender and Climate Change
Climate Change and Violence
Urban Climate Justice, Sustainable Cities and Just Transition
Flood Resilience and Green Infrastructure
Hydro-Politics and Water Justice
Governance and Public Participation
Climate Justice Movements
Social Science of Technology, Infrastructure and Engineering
Art and Climate Change/Justice
Qualitative, Feminist, Ethnographic, and Participatory Methodologies 
Dr. Michael Mikulewicz
International development
Political ecology 
Climate change politics and policy
Adaptation, vulnerability and resilience
Theories of climate justice
Post-politics and post-democracy
Critical human geography (incl. feminist, queer, postcolonial and neo-Marxist geography)
Qualitative methods
Dr. Anita Meldrum
Water access
Water justice and health
Water resource engineering and management
Flood management and SUDS
Dr. Roberto Ramirez
Solar concentrators
Optical wireless communications
Solar photovoltaics
Prof. Stephen Webb
Public and community engagement
Models of participation and coproduction
Sociology of material life forms
Ecological interdependence
Leftist Heideggerian theories of community
Actor Network Theory and Controversy analysis
Science and Technology Studies (STS)
Carbon capture and storage
Prof. Rohinton Emmanuel
Dr. Lani Russell
Race, migration, refugees, post-coloniality, minoritisation, human rights, social justice, social movements, health, biopolitics
Dr. Rachel Russell
Dr. Karin Helwig
Water governance
Gender issues
Environmental management