Climate Justice Seminar Series

The Climate Justice Seminar Series has been a regular event of GCU’s Centre for Climate Justice since March 2017 and is organised by the PhD researchers involved in Centre. The aim of the series is to raise awareness on the human impacts of climate change on the most vulnerable and poorest in society by drawing on current research related to climate justice. The major themes covered in the series include:

  • Human right to a decent quality of life
  • Gender and Equality of Climate Justice
  • Food sovereignty / security
  • Climate migration and refugees
  • Health and resilience
  • Psycho-social impacts of climate change

The seminars feature presentations by researchers from the Centre for Climate Justice, other PhD candidates and external visitors with relevant experience. Topics and presenters from different backgrounds are selected to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of challenges associated with climate change and achieving justice for all. The events are open to all GCU students, staff and the public.


List of past seminars:


1st Climate Justice Seminar: Wednesday, 2nd of March, 2016

Energy Security and Food Security – Presentations

  • Daria Freier: Potential for efficiency improvement of portable solar generators for developing countries by implementing optical concentrators
  • Jake Wilson: Connecting Climate Justice and Climate Change Adaptation: the Case of Food Security


 2nd Climate Justice Seminar: Wednesday, 8th of June, 2016

Climate Migration – Presentations

  • Sennan Mattar: An investigation into the socio-environmental impacts of climate change on informal urban settlements in Zambia
  • Enyinnanya Mbakwem: Exploring the crisis of environmental refugees in Nigeria through a Climate Justice Framework


 3rd Climate Justice Seminar: Thursday, 10th of November, 2016

Poverty, Vulnerability and Adaptation – Presentations

  • Edna Onyinye Ugbechie: Vulnerability and Climate Justice: Exploring Livelihood Experience and Adaptation of Rural People Living in Poverty in Nigeria to Climate Variability
  • Rosemary Ugbar: Water Access and Community Engagement: A Search for Successful Community Engagement Processes to Solve Water Access Problems in Nigeria


 4th Climate Justice Seminar: Wednesday, 26th of April, 2017

Social and Technical Challenges – Presentations

  • Mubiana Muyangwa: Climate Change and Climate Justice: Developing a conceptual framework using Village Water as a case study
  • Sylvia Usman: Bringing water to all: GIS a panacea to improving water challenges in Abuja, Nigeria


 5th Climate Justice Seminar: Wednesday, 25th October, 2017

Human right to a decent quality of life – Presentations and Panel

  • Jake Wilson: Are the barriers to providing electricity to rural villages simply an engineering hurdle or a social problem?
  • Aran Eales (University of Strathclyde): Energy for Development: Solar PV in Malawi
  • Mubiana Muyangwa: Panellist


 6th Climate Justice Seminar: Wednesday, 28th March, 2018

Climate migration and refugees – Presentations and Panel

  • Enyinnaya Mbakwem: Climate Migration - The emerging need for a human centred approach
  • Sennan Mattar: Migrating to slums: The double injustice of Climate Migration
  • Lani Russell: Panellist