Our research

We take a global lead in the delivery of action research which will improve policy, development and critical insights into climate justice. Our aim is to deliver pragmatic and lasting solutions which improve the wellbeing of society, enhance people’s rights and promote a climate-just world. 

Our main research themes are:

Climate displacement and migration
  • Human displacement and climate refugees
  • Human trafficking
Climate justice and international development
  • Climate finance and poverty targeting
  • Climate justice methodologies and frameworks
  • Monitoring, evaluation and impact studies 
Climate change and resource management
  • Food sovereignty in South East Asia
  • Energy justice in Malawi
  • Water access in Malawi and Zambia
Environmental ethics, governance and policy
  • Climate justice movements
  • Climate justice implementation
  • Vulnerability, resilience and adaptation
  • Just transition 
Gender and climate change
  • Climate change and violence
  • Intersectional spaces of climate injustice
Health, wellbeing and resilience
  • Psycho-social impacts of climate change
Intersectionality and climate inequality
  • Intersecting identities and inequalities, and how they shape vulnerability to climate impacts
  • The relationship between sexual identity and the lived experiences of climate change in the Global South
Pedagogy and participation 
  • Visualising climate change
  • Climate justice advocacy in Scotland
  • Education for climate justice in Scottish schools
  • Impacts, education, and frameworks
Urban climate justice and community development
  • Sustainable cities
  • Flood resilience
  • Climate change and displacement