Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice

RoutledgeHandbookLogoThe Centre for Climate Justice has been commissioned by Routledge Publishers to edit a Handbook on Climate Justice. The publisher's Handbooks and Companions series addresses new developments in the Social Sciences and Humanities, while at the same time providing an authoritative guide to theory and method, the key sub-disciplines and the primary debates of today.

Addressing the need for a comprehensive and integrated reference compendium on climate justice, the Handbook will equip readers with information necessary to develop their understanding, skills and frames of reference in this area of critical inquiry. The emphasis throughout the Handbook will be on facilitating learning based on cutting-edge specialised climate justice research and application. This knowledge will be delivered in chapters that draw from the most recent sources, real-world best practices, research projects, tutored reflections on the strategic dimensions of climate justice and its related disciplines, with contributions from a multidisciplinary range of academics and practitioners from the Global North and South alike.

The Handbook will comprise 38 chapters organised into 8 thematic parts covering a wide variety of topics of relevance for students, researchers, and professionals interested in climate justice. In addition to the more traditional focus on gender, international governance and climate ethics, the chapters in this Handbook address some of the most salient topics in current climate justice research, including just transition, urban climate justice and public engagement.

The book is due for release in November 2018.