Our services

We frame our work using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), though there are alternative frameworks that we draw from, such as the Global Framework for Climate Services and the EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership on Climate Change and Sustainable Energy.

Who we are and what we do

We are a team of critical researchers and thinkers with a deep interest in climate justice. We conduct research and education activities on climate justice with the explicit goal of addressing the societal impacts of climate change, and gaining deeper insights and understanding of climate inequality.

Our approach

Critically addressing climate inequality. Methods: Using climate justice frameworks, participatory techniques/stakeholder engagements and social network analysis, analysis of geo-political processes, participatory geographies

Promoting transformative approaches. Methods: working with communities, progressive/action research, community engagment workshops.

Addressing the root causes of climate change. Methods: Influencing policy at different scales, working with policy and decision makers/stakeholders.


Services we offer:

Conducting research on climate justice addressing climate inequality worldwide.

Working as climate justice educators and offer an MSc in Climate Justice and Climate Justice Doctoral Training.

Publishing peer reviewed journal papers.

Running thematic workshops to build interdisciplinary capacity to tackle climate inequality.

Running engagement and networking events based around a theme.

Delivering rapid response evidence and reviews on climate change and societal impacts/climate justice.

Producing briefing papers and thematic reports.

Running knowledge exchange and information events.