The Centre for Climate Justice is a fully established research centre taking a global lead in the delivery of high-quality, policy-relevant research for development and teaching and learning in the field of climate justice. The Centre was created out of an initial partnership with the Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice (MRFCJ) to address a knowledge gap in this area by bringing climate science and social justice together.

The Centre’s approach is unique as it explores the interdisciplinary learning in areas of social justice, health and sustainable environments, and articulates this with climate in/justice to provide pragmatic and long-lasting solutions for individuals, communities and society. The Centre does so through collaborations with influential partners, including international development organisations, Governments and civil society stakeholders in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and the Middle East.

The Centre adopts and promotes activity that aligns with its current research portfolio in 7 broad key areas:  human right to a decent quality of life, gender inequalities and social justice, food sovereignty and security, climate migration and refugees, health and resilience, psycho-social impacts of climate change, knowledge repository and impact-evaluation methodologies.

Our Vision

The Centre will contribute to co-creating knowledge to improve societal wellbeing, enhancing people’s rights and promoting a climate-just world.