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Team Building Workshop

Have you and your fellow students been split into groups to work on a project or task? Need some help to turn a group of individuals into a team, quickly? This workshop will break the ice using a team-building activity and you’ll learn about the life cycle of teams.

Team Building Workshop Video (abbreviated)

Effective Meetings Workshop

Do you dread going to team meetings that drag on and on and never seem to get to the point, if there is a point? Meetings where one or two people talk over everyone else? Meetings where no one remembers who is supposed to be doing what? Transform your meetings by following the simple, effective guidance, shared in this workshop.

Effective meetings Workshop support material can be downloaded from this padlet

Effective Meetings Workshop Video

Effective Presentations Workshop

These days, everyone needs to be able to create and deliver presentations. This workshop provides guidance on planning, structure, preparation, and presenting. As a bonus, stress management is also covered.

Effective Presentations workshop support material can be accessed from this PADLET.

Effective Presentations Video

Focus on Grammar (aimed at second language learners)

Are articles a challenge? Confused about prepositions? Getting your verb forms mixed up? This class addresses some of the grammar topics that can be quite challenging for those who do not speak English as their first language.

The video can be accessed via GCULearn.

Sentence Structure 2

Building on the first sentence structure class, this session helps you avoid run-on sentences, reviews common punctuation problems and explains how you can avoid ambiguity caused by misplaced modifiers.

The recordings made of this workshop are spread over three videos: Video 01   Video 02   Video 3

Paragraphs: creating flow, cohesion and argument

Are you worried your writing is disjointed?  Or that you are not driving the argument forward?  This workshop is aimed at helping you strengthen the links between ideas in your text.

The video can be accessed via GCULearn.

Writing a Project Proposal

Successful project proposals share the quality of clarity in communicating: 1) the scientific idea being investigated and 2) a workable project plan that sets out, coherently, how the objectives will be achieved.  Framing your thoughts before writing this down is an essential part of the process and that is often missed.  This workshop will take you from the ideation stage to articulating your project proposal on the page as well as give you a way in to conducting a literature review. 

The workshop was recorded across two videos: Video 01  Video 02

Revision​, Editing and Proof-reading

Are you worried your text is not polished enough?  This workshop will explain the difference between revision, editing and proof-reading and show you strategies on how to apply this to your text.

The video can be accessed via GCULearn.