How does it work?

Good English reading and writing skills are essential for your success at GCU as well as your life as a professional afterwards.  Improving your English language skills while you are studying here will not only help you get better results, but will also boost your employability skills.

CEBE is committed to providing individualised support and here is how it works:

Language graphic LDC image

This model allows you to

  • identify your specific strength and weaknesses
  • address these specific areas
  • fit language learning around other commitments
  • incorporate language learning into your studies
  • ask specific questions that arise while you are working on your English.

Compared to regular classes, our model relies more on your motivation and the willingness to study materials on your own.  This is why self-study can be harder at times. 

The School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment offers individually tailored language support to students who read and write English as a second language. If you are interested in how it works and how you can access this support, please follow this link to the GCU Learn based resource.

As this link is based within the GCU Learn domain, you will need to sign in with your university account details.