Within this section of the website, you will find a collection of materials to support your learning and usage of ICT during your course of study.

Please make use of the information provided as it will certainly improve your ICT knowledge and skills, and in doing so, will assist to improve the presentation of your coursework submissions.

If, after using the documentation and exercises provided, you are still struggling with elements of ICT and require personal assistance, please contact:

David McArthur:  ICT Lecturer / Learning Technologist, in Room M530a. Ext 1059

The basics

All students are required to use the University IT systems for accessing course and support materials provided online.

To ensure all students are confident and able to use the University computing systems properly, online resources like Pre ICT Induction and The ICT On Campus were provided when you began your studies.

Pre Ict Induction (PICTI)

Inside PICTI you will learn about your student email, GCU Learn, your passwords, Microsoft Office 365/2016 that you get for free, your timetable and many other useful bits of information.

The ICT On Campus (TICTOC)

The ICT On Campus (TICTOC) will be available to complete on the computers on campus. It will show you some more of the ICT systems on campus, like Eduroam WiFi, labs, printing facilities, help mechanisms, etc.


Word Processing for Dissertation

Structuring a dissertation using Microsoft Word can be a daunting prospect if you are not entirely comfortable with using the tools available within the package.

The materials provided within this section offer you the opportunity to learn through practice, how to properly structure a dissertation type document so that you will be more confident when you have to structure your own coursework.

Useful documents:

Word Processing for Dissertation : Your guide and instructions for properly structuring a dissertation.

Documents needed to complete the exercises in the booklet:

Extras Template  -  

History of Computers : A sample document for you to practice document structuring.


Using Office 2010

Microsoft Office is the key software suite for use by all student of the University during their course of study.

Where other software packages may be necessary to carry out lab work and coursework developments, the core of word processing, presentation development and many other coursework related tasks will require use of Microsoft Office.

The latest version of the software package in use within the University is Microsoft Office 2010, and to support your use and understanding of this software suite, the following documents are provided for you to download and use as support elements for your studies and coursework developments.

Microsoft Office 2010 Documents