Within the Learning Development Centre, a team of lecturers work with students at all levels on a one-to-one, small or large group basis to provide tailored support on all aspects of academic study and learning.  Support is specific to your degree programme and includes advice on:

  • effective writing and reading for essays, reports, dissertations and exams 
  • demonstrating critical analysis
  • preparing for effective oral presentations
  • Academic English for speakers of other languages

Communication skills are among the most important transferable skills that graduate employers are looking for and they are also important for your success at GCU, which is why we offer:

Classes and materials

SCEBE’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study offer a variety of opportunities to improve your communication skills. This often involves staff from the Learning Development Centre, for example through classes taught by us. These classes are developed in close collaboration between your subject lecturers and our writing specialists and are delivered as part of your normal timetable.

In addition to that, we offer a range of materials to support your writing, such as hand outs (link to the hand outs we have on the website) or vidcasts you can access through GCU Learn

One-to-one appointment

Understanding the principles of good written and verbal communication is important, so these materials (link to downloadable files) are a good first point of call if you have any questions. We understand, however, that applying this knowledge to your own writing (or oral presentations) can be tricky and offer one-to-one or small group appointments to answer questions that go beyond the information available in these materials. In these sessions, we could, for example, cover questions 

  • structuring your work
  • using sources and referencing
  • writing in an academic style
  • demonstrating critical analysis.

We can also give you feedback on a piece of writing. Please note that we cannot proof-read. The emphasis is on helping you develop your writing skills, not us making a particular text better. We can point out problems in a text, and suggest ways in which you could improve it, but these improvements have to be done by you.

Appointment booking

Please book online - https://askldc.simplybook.it/v2/

Please email - askLDC@gcu.ac.uk

Please telephone - 0141 273 1230