The Forensic Summer Programme will commence on 7th - 28th July 2017. The mode of study for this programme is full-time. 

The programme will cover a series of topics to provide the students with a broad overview of forensic sciences and the criminal justice system in Scotland. The topics covered include: 

  • Legal and Criminal Justice System of Scotland
  • Trace Evidence Analysis
  • Firearms Examination
  • DNA Analysis
  • Fingerprint Identification
  • Shoeprint Identification
Teaching method

The course will use a series of delivery methods to meet the learning outcomes:

  • Lectures – most lectures will take place at GCU. Each lecture will be approx. 50 mins long with an opportunity for students to ask questions to the speaker.
  • Laboratory exercises – a series of laboratory exercises to supplement the lecture will be performed at GCU in the Chemical Sciences Laboratories.
  • Field trips – Field trips to Scottish Courts, prison, Police Scotland Force Training Centre, Scottish Fire and Rescue  have been included. Officials from the various bodies will provide students with a broad overview of operations and include guided tours.


Teaching will be conducted by a series of internal and external speakers. GCU staff in Chemical Sciences and Law will provide lectures and conduct the laboratory exercises. External speakers from the Forensic Science Service and other relevant bodies have been invited to present specialised lectures on forensic science practice in Scotland. 

Assessment and certification

Assessment will take place in the form of Group/Individual Case Projects in:

  1. Fingerprint Analysis;
  2. Hair & Fibre Identification and Characterisation;
  3. ‘White Powder’ Identification.

GCU staff/faculty will assess the coursework according to an agreed marking criteria



On successful completion of the course, students will receive a GCU transcript stating the following transferable credits; 10 SCQF (Scotland), 3 Cr (USA/Canada), 5 ECTS (EU).