European Project Semester

25th January - 7th May 2021

The European Project Semester (EPS) is a one-semester programme designed to train students to work in international teams. In EPS, international teams of students work on real-life projects proposed by national and international companies.

 The GCU EPS programme has been created with engineering students in mind, but other students who can participate in an engineering project are also welcome. The course prepares students with all the necessary skills to face the challenges of today’s world economy.

 Eligible students will have previously completed at least two years of study before joining students from over 15 different universities from 13 countries across Europe.

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You can apply for the European Project Semester by contacting the Study Abroad/Exchange team within your home institution

Applications should be sent to at

What is EPS?
  • EPS is international, multidisciplinary and multicultural
  • At EPS, English is the working language
  • EPS addresses the needs of real companies
  • It is an intensive, one semester programme worth 30 ECTS credits
  • EPS will increase your opportunities when joining the labour market and enhance your career

Get more information from the European Project Semester site.

What is EPS at GCU?

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is a university with an impressive global network and a reputation for providing programmes with a strong focus on employability, leadership and responsibility. 

EPS students small

With our main campus located at the heart of the bustling city of Glasgow, GCU offers an ideal student experience for all.

  • One of Scotland’s largest and most dynamic universities with around 17,000 students from over 100 countries
  • Award-winning International student support
  • Professionally focused credit-bearing  school programmes with emphasis on skills development
  • Friendly and supportive campus environment
  • Educational excellence dating back through founding institutions to 1875
  • International community of staff and students 
Is EPS right for me?

The EPS enables you to apply the knowledge you acquired during previous years of study to real and practical engineering related projects. The programme offers the opportunity to work in an international, multicultural and interdisciplinary atmosphere similar to most companies today. At EPS it is important that students have a solid academic background and should therefore have completed at least 4 semesters.

Without doubt, the programme will make a significant difference to your academic curriculum. It will help you to successfully join the labour market and can help enhance your career. 

Why Glasgow?

Glasgow attracts 2.3 million visitors per year and with over 64,000 students in higher education (that’s nearly 11% of Glasgow’s population) life in the city is perfect for students.

Glasgow clydeside

Despite being Scotland’s largest city, the centre of Glasgow is compact and easy to explore with hundreds of shops, restaurants and bars, not to mention main transport links, all within easy reach of the GCU campus. The people of Glasgow are famed for their warm attitudes and friendly disposition – which helps to create a fantastic atmosphere for students and tourists alike.

Things to do in Glasgow

  • Go shopping! Glasgow is the second largest retail centre in the UK
  • Visit one of the city’s 13 free museums
  • Experience a fine art collection in one of the many galleries
  • Watch a football match at one of Glasgow’s stadiums
  • Enjoy a famous band at one of the city’s music venues
  • Admire the elegant architecture across the city centre
  • Visit one of over 80 parks
  • Join one of the many walking tours offered around the city 

Find out more - VisitScotland

Programme information

In previous years we had students work on the following projects:

  • Knowledge retention
  • Materials and energy absorption 
  • Design and development of a wearable air quality monitoring device
  • Investigation of Waste Plastic Market and Technical Challenges 
  • Image Acquisition Rig for Structural Condition Monitoring 
  • Radio Frequency Interference meter 



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