Ahsen Tahir

Ahsen is a member of research staff at Glasgow Caledonian University within the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. His research interests include CUDA programming, C\C++ programming for Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications on Nvidia GPUs. Ahsen also works on Embedded systems and applications for healthcare.
Ahsen has a considerable interest in hardware accelerators. He designs floating-point and fixed-point accelerators in FPGAs using Verilog and C\C++ using High Level Synthesis for Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications.
Ahsen teaches and conducts labs for the following courses:

Teaches and conducts laboratories for a number of courses in the Electrical Engineering Department at GCU.
1) M1H623548-18-B: 18/19 B - Principles of Programmable Systems B: Ahsen teaches and conducts laboratories for CUDA and C programming for Nvidia GPUs.
2) M2H623629-18-B: 18/19 B - Digital and Programmable Systems 1: This course labs deal with FPGA programming in verilog and C\C++.
3) MHH620659-18-B: 18/19 B - System Level Design: In this we teach and design advanced microprocessor and peripherals.

CURRENT PROJECT: Machine and Deep Learning for Healthcare Systems.

1) CUDA Programming for Machine and Deep Learning Applications on Nvidia GPUs.
2) Embedded and FPGA based Hardware Accelerators for Machine and Deep Learning Applications.