Power and Renewable Energy Systems (PRES)

Our Vision

This group will bring together researchers from different departments whose interests have to do with the renewable energy and power sector. That includes, but is not limited to, power generation, energy distribution, sources of energy, materials for energy applications, power and energy applications etc Access to the group is also open to PhD students whose work is on renewable energy and any staff members whose name is not on the list.

Our aim

Growing PhD/Prof D students. Building a network of PhD students in the schools with similar research interests.Increasing number of REF 3*/4* outputs.Increasing and securing high quality research grants

Key projects

High precision fault localisation in buried power cables based on wireless charging (ETP/Scottish Power Energy Networks)

Group members

  • Roberto Ramirez-Iniguez,
  • Gyorgy Lak,
  • Ahmed Aboushady,
  • Azmy Gowaid,
  • Dong Cheng,
  • Mohamed Farrag,
  • George Loumakis,
  • Jacqueline Wilkie,
  • Stas Burek,
  • Geraint Bevan,
  • Ibrahim Kucukdemiral,
  • Scott McMeekin

 Research students

  • Eilidh Watson (02/2019)
  • Rukhsana Sumaiya Misha (10/2018)
  • Mehak Shafiq (02/2018)
  • Hatem Yazidi (10/2015)-passed viva in January
  • Akan Sampson (07/2013)
  • Tebe Ojukonsin (02/2013)
  • Lewis Osikibo (2018)
  • Paul Ager (2019-2022)
  • Khalif Ali (2019-2022)
  • Javed Waqas (09/2017)
  • Zehua Zhang (11/2017)
  • Mr Seyedyashar Mousavi
  • Mr Paul Ager

Sustainable Development Goals