Engineering Simulation and Advanced Manufacturing

Engineering Simulation and Advanced Manufacturing [ESAM]

Our vision:

To solve real-world engineering problems in process operations and manufacturing through international recognition in applied research.

Our aim:

The group is focused on providing innovative and practical solutions for industry based on applied research, consultancy and knowledge transfer using expertise in:
Engineering Simulation: - Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Materials Characterisation: - Metals, Composites, Plastics, Powders and Granular Materials
Advanced Manufacturing Techniques:- Electro-machining, Welding and Cold Forming
Condition Monitoring:- Applied data analytics for detection and isolation of component/system degradation, Integration of condition monitoring and asset design, Predictive maintenance.
Multi-phase flow:- Instrumentation development and flow modelling.

Key projects:

Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Process Development.
Passive Acoustic Diagnostics Of Particle Laden Oil And Gas Multiphase Flows
Development Of Maintenance Optimisation, Reliability And Statistical Models And Its Application In Industry
Design And Development Of Prognostics And Health Management Applications For Subsea Production Systems –Physical/Functional Simulations
Development Of Metal Matrix Composites Using Tungsten Inert Gas Technique
Developing A Smart Venturi Wet-Gas Meters To Foster Efficient Gas Production And Digital Transformation

Group members:

Academic Staff:

Babakalli Alkali 
Andrew Cowell 
Anjali DeSilva 
Colin Harrison 
Muditha Kulatunga
George Lak
Martin MacDonald 
Don McGlinchey
Paul McKenna
Patricia Munoz de Escalona 
Octavian Niculita 

Research Associate:

Mustafa Ibrahim 

Research Students:

Tim Osirike
Sammy Mungai
Prabu Balasubramanian
Nichola Renwick
Xiaojing Gao
Eloi Periera Dos Santos
Hani Al- Madni
Mohamed Qatan
Soud Al -Toubi