Applied Games and Engaging Technologies


We currently, we have:

  • 10 actively researching SCEBE members;
  • 4 associate collaborating members from the Yunus Centre, SHLS, WISE and GSBS;
  • 13 PhD students in (SCEBE and in collaboration with SHLS, WISE and Yunus Centre).
  • 4 dedicated lab facilities.


We apply the tools and techniques of Games and Emerging Technologies to engage users with serious contexts from supporting health and wellbeing and addressing humanitarian challenges, to raising awareness of contemporary social issues and training people in applied contexts.

Our members span expertise in Games Design, Development, User Research, UI and UX, Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Music Psychology, User Psychology, 3D Visualisation, Artificial Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis, Values Development, Audio and Music Technology, and Haptics.

In collaboration with national and international industry, community and academic partners, our recent funders include EPSRC, AHRC, Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, NIHR, Nesta, IOSH, BBC, Alzheimer Scotland, Edinburgh and Lothian Health Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the European Union. Our recent Industry Partners include: BBC, Ingenious Knowledge, Mercedes, SingFit, Sony, ABC Music, Freestyle Games, Denki, No Code, Steely Glint Games, Wellcome Trust, BBFC, Dore, YooStar, FutureLab, Bunnyfoot and Fragor Games.

Our vision is to establish a holistic interdisciplinary approach to joining up design intent with user experience evaluation, applying appropriate tools and techniques from across our areas of specialism.  Our objectives are to:

  • · Innovate and integrate approaches in Applied Games, Music Psychology and User Psychology to better understand games user experience and inform best practice in design, development, evaluation and research;
  • · Create and apply New Models of game design practice for behaviour change that  better integrate design teams and researchers to create games that can support meaningful and lasting change;
  • · Design and develop new methods for capturing key user characteristics to enable designers to better understand their audience;
  • · Design adaptive and dynamic game sound and music systems focusing on enhancement of the user experience.

With world-leading User Experience and Serious Games labs, design studios and development facilities, our services include:

  • · Facilitating preliminary user research events that drive towards identification of key player motivation and goal motivations;
  • · Applied Game Design Consultancy and analysis to better integrate the principles of an intervention with game design goals;
  • · Rapid prototyping of core applied game concepts with an emphasis on behaviour change and augmented reality;
  • · User Experience analysis using our state of the art UX facility: the UX eMotion Lab;
  • · VR and AR design, development and evaluation.
  • · Audio and music systems design and development, subjective sound assessment/evaluation. 

Key projects

  1. Engaging Adolescents in Changing Behaviour National Institute of Health Research (CoI -2017-2019)  
  2. Edinburgh and Lothian Health Foundation (£60k, Principle Investigator, 2015-2018) 
  3. Improving Construction Health & Safety (CoI, iosh) 
  4. Gaming Climate Futures (PI, Andrew Mellon Foundation)
  5. SingFit (£9k, PI, 2018-2019) 
  6. ABC Music (£10k, PI, 2018-2019) 

Professor Gianna Cassidy

Professor Mike Mannion

Dr Don Knox

Dr Ryan Gibson

Dr Bryan Young

 Dr Romana Ramzan

 David Farrell 

 Julie Campbell 

 Roland Walker

 Hamid Homatash 

Research students

Carina Assuncao

Aikaterini Papadopoulou

Emanuella Lau Christensen

Miriam Lorwerth

Karen Shanks

Henrique Leonardo Gil

Eduard Averell

Anna Paisley

Julia Zauner

Sustainable Development Goals