AI + IoT Research Lab

Our vision

Defining data-driven AI roadmaps and taming the IoT big data challenges.

Our aim

To sustain research investigations into IoT big data and generate profound impacts, both research and academic, in data driven AI and IoT big data. Nurture future-generation researchers of data driven AI and IoT big data.

Key projects

We  welcome PhD applications in the following project areas:

  • Big data platforms for Internet of Things
  • Big data analytics and machine learning for Internet of Things
  • Cybersecurity and blockchain for Internet of Things
  •  Edge-cloud computing for Internet of Things
  • IoT big data for smart healthcare and smart city applications

 Group members

  • Professor Huaglory Tianfield, lab director
  • Brian Hainey
  • Katrin Hartmann
  • Dr Richard Holden
  • Professor Mike Mannion
  • Professor Gordon Morison
  • Dr Sajid Nazir
  • Dr Yan Zhang

Sustainable Development Goals