Research Ethics can be defined as a set of moral principles guiding research from its inception through to completion and publication of results. 

We ensuring that our research and its outputs meets the highest ethical standards.  



The University’s states that all staff and students planning to undertake research must apply for ethical approval before work on the project begins. 

The purpose of ethical review is to consider what might, could or potentially happen as a result of the research; and to weigh those risks against the perceived scientific benefits. 

Each School Ethics Committee within the University has delegated responsibility for reviewing and making decisions on the ethical integrity of all staff and students’ projects.

Each School’s Ethics Committee reports to the University Ethics Committee.



The form that you will use to apply for ethical approval will depend on whether you are an undergraduate student, post-graduate student, or member of staff.

Please find the forms below and refer to the advice booklet for further guidance.


  • Postgraduate Ethics Form This form should also be used by Undergraduate Students when specifically directed to do so by project coordinators.
  • EC1 form This form should be used by Members of Staff