Yuchi Zhang

PhD Student
Project title: Life cycle Management of Power Cable Assets

The name of my project is Distribution and Analysis of the Aging of Outer sheath and Life Cycle Management of Cable Asset Under Different Condition. The problem I faced is the balance between maintenance & replacement strategies and operating cost. The method I decided to use are data analysis, model construction and strategies comparison. The objectives of the proposed project, aiming to contribute to the life cycle asset management to cable assets, include the following four aspects: (a) Evaluate cable condition assessment technologies and statistical tools and propose a procedure of investing and implementing cable assessment method which will allow data reflecting cable conditions to be collected and analysed; (b) investigate the aging mechanism, failure mode and life model of the cable outer sheath, which has been largely ignored in previous research, and the main influencing factors; (c) a model will be built based on Weibull distribution and statistical tools to determinate the relationship between aging status and the operational and environmental condition of power cables; and (d) a dynamic programming model will be developed to optimize the maintenance and replacement strategies.