Wathavana Vithanage, Randika Kosala

Randika Kosala Wathavana Vithanage

PhD Student
Project title: Smart Robotics for Sustainable Manufacturing

The Present day industrial and service sectors are on a constant battle to retain on the journey towards both technically competitive and sustainable development. These organizations have to survive competitive economical atmospheres while obeying the intensive social and environmental responsibilities, and there is no exception for this phenomenon when it relates to both the manufacturing and maintenance industries. Within the sustainable development framework it is mandatory for these organizations to operate in an efficient, effective and profitable manner while mitigating any adverse impact on environment, employees, customers, and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.Therefore deployment of industrial robots in manufacturing and maintenance industries would be an ideal solution to drive these businesses towards sustainability. There are number of studies and evidence that showcase the positive role of robots in the vicinity of sustainable manufacturing and maintenance.