Ukaejiofo, Toochukwu

Toochukwu Ukaejiofo

PhD Student
Project title: Innovation and Ethics: Responsible Management of the Innovation Process - Management ethics in service and process innovation

The aim of this research is to present a pattern for addressing the need of entrepreneurial competency development in systems. Every individual has a potential of becoming entrepreneurial. However, not everyone is inclined to exhibit such a unique ability. So it becomes a duty to explore innovative ways for harnessing entrepreneurial capabilities in human resources from diverse professions. This project involves researching incubation models in place and analysing data extracted from the field and academic materials to develop a framework and model for advancing enterprise incubators.

Objectives for the research include reviewing literature on the subject of venture incubators; to appraise an incubator from the approach of a community of practise; to identify any differences in the operation of an incubator in Scottish and Nigerian universities; and to make valid conclusions in order to develop a pattern to advance entrepreneurial development through incubators.