Samriti Sharma

Project title: To Utilise Clinical and Estates Data to Help Inform Strategic Decision Making within NHS Scotland.

Problem: There is need to ensure NHSScotland’s over-arching aims and objectives, reflected through effective service planning, are supported by the healthcare estate and this can be achieved through effective estates planning. While there has been improvement in NHSScotland’s asset management practice, there is opportunity to further improve this through more effective use of data.

Approach to addressing the problem: With the planned initiative to invest £200M in a network of new diagnostic and elective treatment centres, this affords opportunity to use this initiative as a case study to develop a data framework to support theatre capacity decision making. There is expected potential for the framework to be used for other strategic decision making related to NHSScotland’s estate subject to appropriate adjustments. The research therefore aims to utilise clinical and estates data to help inform strategic decision making within NHSScotland.

Objectives: To fulfil the aim of the research, a number of objectives will be met: (1) To investigate the role of asset management in supporting healthcare service delivery; (2) To critically review literature to establish the process of healthcare service planning and how asset management supports it; (3) To investigate the process of business case development, with focus on the role of estates planning in determining appropriate theatre service capacity; (4) To explore methods available to determine an appropriate theatre capacity conceptual framework for NHSScotland; and (5) To develop a theatre capacity framework.