Farhad Sadeghineko

PhD Student
Project title: Integrated 3D Laser Scanning and BIM for the Development of Accurate as-Built Building Information Models

As-built Building Information Models (BIMs) mapped from an as-designed model, do not necessarily match to the originally constructed facility due to changes introduced at the designing stage and particularly at the construction phase. In some unique circumstances, such as historical environments and aged buildings, the existing facility might not have an as-designed model. Consequently, the existing building will not have an accurate as-built BIM. In current practice, the process of capturing as-built BIMs is performed manually and is time-consuming, costly, and labour intensive. The aim of this research is to capture accurate as-built BIMs automatically or semi-automatically utilising raw data extracted from data aggregation technologies, such as 3D Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry.