Abdul (Ali) Razaq

PhD Student
Project title: Cloud-based Simulation of Smart Grid Cyber Security

Cyber Security is indispensable and vital in all applications at the heart of modern society; it impacts every aspect of our lives, small scale ordinary businesses to essential services. Intentional cyber-attack or accidental fault - resulting from poor software or faulty hardware - should be deterred with adequate measures with minimum degradation in functionality. A common security solution either relies on rule based matching or probabilistic learning. These combinations of statistical outcomes are obtained from various sensors; in forms of stream, batch or logs with different format and velocity - to correlate to form an event. The event represents existing or foreseeing condition in a monitored system. The proposed Cyber Security Analytics deploys rule based feature mining of various sensors with machine learning classifier to construct temporal incidents and stochastic differences. We attempt to project holistic view of observed system with behavioural references - aggregated records.