Popoola, Olaoluwa Rotimi

Olaoluwa Rotimi Popoola

PhD Student
Project title: LED-based indoor positioning and tracking system for the elderly

In 2010, dementia cost US$604 billion and 85% of the fund is for care. This work aims to reduce the cost of care by developing a wearable device that assists in monitoring people with dementia. The aim is met by developing a light emitting diode (LED) based indoor positioning systems. The design specification is expected to produce a device that is low powered, wearable, and inexpensive. Therefore, this research develops a novel overlap algorithm to increase the accuracy of existing proximity based positioning systems. The overlap design is investigated in single transmitter, multiple receiver and multiple transmitter single receiver configurations.

The objectives of this research are to investigate the design of visible light and infrared based indoor positioning systems, design an algorithm that improves positioning accuracy while maintaining wear-ability, design novel optical transmission protocols that support low power transmission and high positioning time, evaluate probability of collisions in overlap region and proposes methods to reduce collisions. Currently developed laboratory prototypes using the overlap method meets the specifications and are lightweight and portable. The director of studies for this research is Dr. Sinan Sinanovic and it is co-supervised by Dr Wasiu O. Popoola and Dr Roberto Ramirez-Iniguez.