Anshul Paneri

PhD Student
Project title: Novel and cost effective transparent insulation material for solar energy application

Evidently for continuous growth and development, we need continuous supply of energy. But due to fewer resources it is hard to meet the growing requirement. Even with availability of Renewable resources we cannot harness energy continuously as per the demand. The only way to meet the growing demand is by making rational energy choices. With smart energy choices, it is possible to create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer world.

Transparent insulation(TI) is an attractive technology, capable of replacing conventional opaque insulation materials with one additive feature ‘solar transparency’ increasing its area of applications. Transparent insulation materials(TIM) are used for window glazings, transparent walls, roof cover systems, solar water heaters and other solar applications. This property of insulation and optical transparency to solar radiations provides TIM exceptional advantage over conventional materials for harnessing solar energy. But TIMs are yet to be commercialised on large scale. This is mostly because of high cost involved in manufacturing along with low operating temperatures and maintenance of these systems.

Considering the factors associated with practical realization of TIM, this research aims to develop a novel and cost effective TIM. Current research trends shows silica aerogel as one of best TIM in today’s time due to its high optical transparency and very low thermal conductivity. But they are very fragile to use alone and still expensive. A composite is prepared with nano aerogel & polymer to develop novel and cost effective Transparent Insulation Material.