Marek Maletka

PhD Student
Project title: Air quality as a function of air movement in swimming pools

Indoor air quality is currently one of the most underrated and overlooked areas, which characterises useful properties of building. It has a huge impact on wellbeing and fitness of people staying in the building. Air quality problems are also very common in swimming pools where various potentially harmful disinfectants are being used. High level of these disinfectants and their by-products in the ambient air can cause respiratory symptoms like asthma and airway inflammation.

This research aims to investigate the indoor air quality in the Scottish swimming pools by analysing and determining the chlorine and ozone concentration levels along with assessing the movement of the air pattern.

The main objectives of this research include: (1) determining database on chlorine concentration level from analysed swimming pools in Scotland, (2) investigating an influence of various ventilation systems on air pollutants level, (3) simulating the air movement according to air pollutants in the swimming pool’s hall and (4) investigating the possibility of ventilation controlled by contaminants concentration in the air.