Labajos Rodriguez, Laura

Laura Rodriguez Labajos

Project title: Establishing a performance measurement model for healthcare estates

In the literature it has been largely agreed that assessing and measuring performance is crucial for achieving organisational goals, and managing and improving facility performance; however, how in practice this performance knowledge can contribute to optimise the value of the healthcare estates is poorly understood. This research is part of a collaborative project with Health Facilities Scotland that seeks to explore the potential of Strategic Performance Measurement in Facilities Management to improve and support evidence based decisions in order to optimise the value that is delivery from a healthcare estate. Adopting a constructivist grounded theory methodology this study attempts to respond to a real problem being faced by NHS Scotland using both qualitative techniques such as interviews and focus groups. For this research, I work in partnership with the Property and Capital Planning team at Health Facilities Scotland (HFS) , which allows me to work together with practitioners and government officers and have direct access to people and data.