Bertalan Kercso

PhD Student
Project title:Preparation and Characterisation of Novel Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC) and Soft Magnetic Nano-Composites (SMNC) for High Temperature and Wide Frequency Range Applications

New SMC cores can be made of the waste of soft magnetic ribbon production as well as from recycled soft magnetic ribbon cores, which are widely used in power electronics. SMNCs are also in focus: these materials are used in antenna technology and EMI shielding. Several different compaction methods and a wide range of binding materials for creating magnetic composites will be critically reviewed from literature and new recipes will be experimentally evaluated with special focus on the comparison of mechanical and thermal properties of the resulting composites. Surface morphology and size distribution analysis of different magnetic particles will be carried out using SEM and EDX measurement methods. Additionally, impedance measurements of the prepared cores will be carried out between 10 Hz – 1.3 GHz using impedance meter. The aim of the research project is to develop new, cheap and economically viable soft magnetic materials for power electronics as well as for high frequency applications with superior magnetic and thermal characteristics and good machinability.