Huang, Jian Feng (Jeffen)

Jian Feng (Jeffen) Huang

PhD Student
Project title: Computational intelligence aided modelling and optimization of cross-scale heat transfer for industrial design, process and manufacturing.

The subject is Computational Intelligence Based Optimal Design of Superalloys under Extreme Environments. Nickel-based superalloys have an exceptional combination of high temperature strength, toughness, and resistance to degradation in corrosive or oxidising environments. Since the influence of the microstructure on the fatigue resistance of the material has been highlighted, it is significant to investigate the flow stress as well as microstructure evolution. The computational intelligence aided design (CIAD) is utilised to predict the constitutive model and processing map based on experimental data. The outcome of this research is accurate constitutive models for the correct molecular dynamics model of numerical simulation and the correct optimisation of deformation processes under extreme environments.

The aim of this study is to bring together chemical analysis, physical testing, optimal design and lifetime prediction modelling using computational intelligence aided design (CIAD). The study will focus on fatigue mechanisms in a range of environments, offering identification of the operating service temperature ranges for specific superalloy together with lifetime predictions at extremes of loading and temperature, in which the CIAD to predict the constitutive model and processing map based on a set of experimental data.