Hassan, Muhammad Tahir

Muhammad Tahir Hassan

PhD Student
Project title: Energy conservation and management in the industrial sector of Pakistan

Industrial sector in Pakistan is the largest consumer of energy, accounts for more than 35% of total energy consumption in the country. The performance of this sector has been severely affected due to the adverse effect of current energy crises in the country. At the same time, this sector is very low at energy efficiency and incorporates significant energy losses that decrease its level of overall operational productivity. Energy conservation potentials of Pakistan’s industrial sector through energy management can save wasted energy which would ultimately leads to economic and environmental benefits.

Specific objectives of this research are to:
• Explore the on-going energy efficiency and management trends in the Pakistani industries.
• Evaluate the current industrial energy management practices using Energy Management Matrix developed by Carbon Trust.
• Investigate the key energy efficiency barriers as well as drivers especially in the context of the on-going energy crises in the country.
• Develop guidelines for the industrial sector of Pakistan by benchmarking their existing practices with the best practices from developed countries.
• Examine the energy conservation potential of this sector through implementation of robust energy efficiency and management practices.