Ian Hancock

PhD Student
School of Computing, Engineering & Built Environment
Project Title: Redefining Cable Asset Life by Integrating Statistical Failure Models with Analytical Models and Development of Risk-based Asset Replacement Strategy

Cables form an essential part of Scottish Powers (SP)’s distribution network. A good proportion of the cables are approaching, or beyond, design life. Due to financial constraints, SP has aimed at extending the service life of these important assets and identified management of the aging assets as one of their main challenges. The proposed project aims to combine top-down and bottom-up approaches to forecast cable life, relating this to asset age, asset’s operational history/environment and insulation condition measurement data. Statistical analysis of historical failure data in combination with analytical models will help redefine cable insulation life under in-service conditions. A risk based asset management strategy will be proposed based on the research results and a software package will be produced to facilitate implementation of the research outcomes and to help SP improve their cable asset management.