Jacqueline Gunn

PhD Student
School of Computing, Engineering & Built Environment
Project Title: Development of a new Graphene-based surfaced enhanced raman spectroscopy substrate for sensing applications

Raman spectroscopy is a promising analytical technique for sensing applications but is limited due to being an inherently weak effect.  Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) uses roughened metal nanoparticles to enhanced Raman signals.  However, current SERS substrates suffer from irreproducibility issues and limited shelf-lives.  An innovative solution is to apply a layer of graphene over the metallic nanoscale surface.  This may result in an even greater signal enhancement and a reduction in both the signal background and the damage inflicted to the molecules being studied.  I aim to develop and characterise these new graphene-SERS substrates and determine if they can be used for quantitative measurements.