Ghoreyshi, Seyed Mohammad

Seyed Mohammad Ghoreyshi

PhD Student
Project title: Void detection and by passing in vehicular ad hoc network

Underwater Sensor Networks (UWSNs) have obtained a considerable attention to support aquatic applications such as exploration of ocean resource, disaster prevention, intrusion detection, military applications, and pollution monitoring. Different routing protocols are proposed to improve the packet delivery with minimum energy and delay cost in UWSNs, in which greedy routing protocols are the most prominent approaches due to the simplicity of use in UWSNs. From the view of greedy routing protocols in UWSNs, the presence of communication void, where the packet cannot be forwarded further using the greedy mode, is perhaps the most challenging issue. To address this issue, this research project investigates the constraints, challenges, and features associated with the void problem in 3D UWSNs, and propose a new class of routing strategies and void-handling techniques accordingly.