Daria Freier

PhD Student
Project title: Portable Concentrated Photovoltaic Systems for Developing Countries

Nearly 1,200 million people worldwide lack access to electricity and thus access to clean lighting. This impacts their every-day lives, including limits to learning when it gets dark, a short productive day and high expenditures on lighting alternatives which are kerosene lamps, candles and switchgrass. These alternatives have associated health hazards such as poisoning from kerosene fumes, eye irritation and an increased risk of fires and burns. To reach the affected people, of which the majority live in rural areas in developing countries, off-grid solar chargers have been introduced. This technology is under continues development aiming to achieve more electricity generation at lower costs. To achieve these aims, this research project proposes to use a novel static nonimaging solar concentrator specifically designed for portable solar systems for developing countries. By increasing the illumination on the solar module, more electricity can be generated or photovoltaic material can be saved and the battery can be charged faster.