Eke, Celestina Nkechi

Celestina Nkechi Eke

PhD Student
Project title: Effective and efficient framework for infrastructure facility management in Nigeria.

Poor management approaches to the aviation infrastructure facilities in Nigeria have resulted in preponderance of obsolete communications equipment, epileptic or non- functional radar, unmaintained runway, use of rickety airplanes, etc. Lack of proper maintenance and management of these facilities make them unsafe for use with negative effects on users’ comfort, national earnings and pride. This also impacts negatively on the country’s development and economic growth. My research project therefore aims at developing a framework for the management of Nigeria airport infrastructure facilities, with a view to enhancing their efficiency, maintenance and overall service delivery. Mixed-method research methodology using Purposive Sampling Technique is adopted. The research results are expected to significantly contribute to effective management of airport infrastructural facilities through evolvement of a robust and pragmatic management framework.