Lakshmy Durgasi

PhD Student
Project title: Reduction of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through intervention in healthcare wastewater management: improving the environment-human-health cycle.

Environmental resistome which includes the collection of all antimicrobial resistance genes and their precursors in both pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria occurring in nature is the largest reservoir of potential AMR. A keen surveillance to identify and to intervene with development and spread of AMR in the environment is required to tackle the global health concern of increasing incidence of multi-drug resistant infections. The origin & direction of AMR flow, consequences of the interaction between environmental resistome and release of antibiotics, AMR bacteria and ARGs, have not yet been quantified. Aim of the project is to map hotspots of AMR dissemination, related factors & dynamics of AMR transmission across ecological niches in waste water continuum (patient to receiving end) and to identify abatement options, whether socio-economic, engineering, waste management or clinical/ medical based.