James Castle

Project title: The application of flood resilience to the existing building stock in England and Scotland

There are millions of buildings liable to damage from flooding events. England currently has 5.2 million existing properties at risk (nearly 17% of all properties), with a further 0.17 million in Scotland. The Committee on Climate Change anticipate these figures will increase between 80% and 150% by 2080. The problem is of high magnitude therefore any solutions will have high impact.

The creation of viable solutions for the flood resilience of existing buildings, (England and Scotland). The process will seek to produce a standard system (or adaptive ad-hoc system) that enables;
• The obtaining of insurance on normal terms and reduced insurance cost.
• That for practical purposes, reduces damage caused by flooding
• That provides a speedy resolution to damaged properties.


Although not exclusive, three objectives would be:-

1. Determine why resilience has not already become a “mainstream” solution.
2. Create resilience solutions that work from a practical, technological, administrative and economic sense.
3. To achieve the maximum impact for the stakeholders including; property owners; Insurance business; RICS and other professional advisory bodies; emergency services (including the military); central and local government; the taxpayer; and the economy.