Bram-Larbi, Kweku Fuakye

Bram-Larbi Kweku Fuakye

PhD Student
Project title: VR Simulation and Head Up Display (HUD) Interface for Ambulances

Current technological advances in computing and telecommunications enabled modern vehicular systems to assist driver’s decision-making process. The required information can be typically acquired by vehicular sensors, GPS and/or Vehicular Ad hoc Network systems (VANETS). This technology has been successfully used in prototype level in order to avoid collisions in low visibility and motorway environments. Similar issues burden the emergency vehicles that have to manoeuvre through dense traffic or adverse weather conditions increasing the collision probability.

This work will investigate the use of HUD interfaces for the improvement of response times and navigation through traffic for emergency vehicles with particular interest on ambulance services.
Therefore, this project will aim to develop a prototype HUD interface based on existing research related to human responses under low visibility and in accident-prone conditions for optimization of collision–free routing through traffic. This work complies with existing research in GCU and automotive projects developed in the Virtual Reality and Simulation Laboratory (VRS Lab). The appropriate presentation of information to the driver will reduce driver’s response times to imminent collision events.

The proposed work will be embedded and tested on the existing Virtual Reality Driving Simulator in VRS Lab.