Boyle, Frank Alexander

Frank Alexander Boyle

PhD Student
Project title: Developing a collaborative strategy creation model, to optimise the delivery of strategic objectives within merged and merging housing associations.

The main area of focus for the PhD is the creation of a methodology that will provide a toolkit for the affordable housing sector to develop their Business and Service Strategies built around their customers needs and staff capacity/capability. There is a real need to develop a truly collaborative system for Strategy development, within this sector and beyond, that is collaborative, engaging and driven by data, yet simple in its presentation, in order to improve understanding and engagement with customers and staff at all levels.

The need to enhance the understanding of “why” a Strategy is needed and how it will be delivered. This is now critical as complexity and big data become more and more an integral part of daily business life. It is anticipated that this research, and the development of a clear method for Strategy development, will lead to a higher success rate in delivering Strategic Outcomes for the sector. The key research area that will be explored, to create greater levels of engagement and understanding of Strategy, will be through the universal language of visualisation, storytelling and Design Thinking.