Shuja Ansari

PhD Student
School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment
Project title: Integrated Communications Management for Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) embraces a wide variety of communications related applications intended to increase safety, minimise environmental impact, improve traffic management and maximise the benefits of transportation to both commercial users and the general public. Safety and traffic efficiency related applications have stringent requirements associated with them in terms of latency and successful delivery. Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) has been proposed to be used for vehicular communications, meeting required critical latencies. However, for Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communications, an entirely new infrastructure is required. This is where this research along with the support of a few previous contributions, propose the use of cellular networks integrated with DSRC to provide Vehicle to Vehicle and V2I communications. Scope of the cellular networks used extends from LTE (4G) to next generation mobile networks (5G).

Objectives include development of an integrated communication management system that integrates DSRC and cellular networks for ITS, simulation of real world scenarios including urban and highway environments, and finally producing a platform that can be used for future implementation and testing. This technology can improve road safety through avoiding collisions, but also assist in reducing congestions, improving traffic flows, and reducing environmental impacts.