Gisele Alves

PhD Student
Project title: The environmental effects of implementation of offshore wind turbines close to small coastal communities.

The aim of this research is to investigate the potential for acceptance of wind power plants considering the windfarms in shallow waters at sites with contrasting bio-geoclimatic characteristics. Thus, this work will involve sites for investigation in Scotland and Brazil, which have the energy supply system based on renewables energies sources and it will be taken into account the production of offshore wind energy, or its potential, when verified the security of supply. Also, it will be researched the planning and development of wind energy for sites in both countries. The process for implementation of windfarms is a matter requiring further investigation when it is considered public participation in decision making, their part in the process of implementation; and considerations of public concerns. Regarding the environmental impacts caused by windfarms, focus of this research, this work will target the environmental issues with a prior interest in coastal effects caused by offshore projects with societal involvement and public acceptance. Ultimately, at the end of this research, the main purpose is to study and develop a framework for planning/construction/monitoring of shallow water windfarms which will be applicable everywhere.